Vital Finance International (VFI) is a groundbreaking, impact finance partner. By combining our financial strength, deep impact investment experience and innovative approach, we enable sustainable development and socially important projects and initiatives to become reality in developing markets.

VFI provides its financing solutions within a wide range of sectors which directly impact improvement in everyday life – at scale - for local communities. These include, but are not limited to agriculture, clean water, renewable energy, affordable housing, health care and more. VFI’s common thread is that each partnership tangibly enables the realization of important, local needs.

We mesure succes differently.

Naturally return on capital, risk, diversification and other standard financial factors are important in any financing arrangement, and they are important to us as well.

Yet, to these standard elements, we add equally important metrics. These include: a wide range of environmental, social, governance, and ethics practices and quantifiable outcomes informed by the leading standard bearers and our deep, global experience.

This combination of financial and impact criteria spans each of our financing partnerships from underwriting to exit - ensuring shared success and measurable impact.

Our Focus

The UN Sustainable Development Goals Framework is the starting point of our underwriting framework. We then customize our solutions to ensure that each one is designed to meet the specific requirements of our partners.

Health Care

Health care is a basic human right. Basic, yet challenging. Providing local access to the skilled personnel and associated resources in the form of diagnostics, procedures, medications, supplies, facilities and more is logistically difficult in all markets, particularly in the developing ones.

VFI provides financing solutions for a wide range of initiatives in this critical sector, ranging from :

  • Distributed diagnostic and delivery services
  • Full service medical centers
  • Specialty hospitals
  • Medical equipment distribution, installation and operation
  • Health care training
  • Health care technology and systems
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution

Clean Water

Clean water in all its forms for drinking, bathing and irrigation is the single most important aspect for health, productivity and thriving developing communities. The results of scalable water related initiatives are measured by the:

  • Reduction of waterborne diseases
  • Reduction in infant mortality
  • Increased school attendance
  • Improvement in productivity, particularly for woman and girls
  • Enhancement of agricultural yields
  • Protection of local resources and environment

VFI specializes in financing a wide range of water related projects including, but not limited to filtration, drinking water, pipelines, in-home delivery, sanitation and remediation, gray water and irrigation

Food Security

Agriculture and more broadly, food security, are among the largest challenges and greatest opportunities facing developing markets. These critical and life changing projects, when done well achieve each of these measurable outcomes simultaneously:

  • Feeding the local population with locally produced and more varied products
  • Improving the quality of life for local farmers and their families
  • Reducing the reliance on expensive and lower quality imports
  • Protecting and improving the local environment

Initiatives with these objectives are the result of strong cooperation between the public institutions – local, regional and national - and the private sector.

VFI has extensive experience financing large scale agricultural and agro-industrial initiatives - focused on produce, grains, dairy, livestock, poultry, fish, eggs and more - which have and continue to achieve each these objectives.

Clean Energy

Access to reliable, affordable energy is essential for quality of life improvement and community growth.
The need for energy and its related services to support basic human needs is unquestionable. Affordable, reliable energy provides the foundation for social and economic development. Such sources must also be clean and renewable to enable the future generations to prosper and ensure protection of the environment.

VFI finances a wide range of renewable energy initiatives including:

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Biomass
  • Hydro
  • Geothermal

The impact of these initiatives touch millions of local citizens through:

  • Access to clean, renewable energy at affordable rates
  • Lower climate impact
  • Enhanced energy security
  • Increased economic development and investment
  • Enabling access to education
  • Growth in a wide range of employment opportunities

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